About my Studio

Creating Music Together

If you walked into my studio on any given day you may hear a variety of things going on;  from classical, pop and jazz styles of music being played, to students improvising, sight reading or cruising through their scales and chords. You would see students exploring more about theory and sight reading and ear training using computer software or ipad apps and listening to masterful performances on YouTube.  You might even witness them composing their own music or being video taped for an outstanding performance to be shared on YouTube!  You might hear an Italian Aria or a song from the latest Broadway Musical being sung by a voice student.  My studio is continually pursuing new innovative teaching strategies to engage a variety of learning styles in a positive and encouraging environment.   Here are some of the things that my studio offers:

Private Lessons


  •  Beginners through early advanced
  •  One on one instruction learning to master the piano
  •  Use of a variety of musical styles including classical, pop, jazz and folk
  •  Focus on proper technique and technical skills
  •  Step by step development of music reading skills and comprehensive theory
  •  Exploration of creative improvisation and composing
  •  Lessons are offered for 30 minutes (young beginners only), 45 minutes (older beginners  through late intermediate) and 1 hour (early advanced)


  • Age 13 through adult
  • One on one coaching in vocal technique and vocal development skills
  • Use of a variety of musical literature including art songs in a variety of languages, folk songs, musical theater repertoire, and any other vocal styles that will give the student of broad range of vocal skills they are seeking
  • Sight reading and ear training
  • Theory training may also be added if desired
  • Lessons are offered for 45 minute time slots only

Group Classes


Group classes take place in addition to a weekly private lesson 3 times a year on Friday afternoons.  Group classes are a time for groups of students to get together to perform for each other and study more in-depth a particular topic of musical interest such as theory, improvising, composing, music history, rhythmic skills, harmonic exploration, and ensembles.  This is a fun session time including games and group interaction.  Students are assigned to groups according to age groups and level.  I place a high value on the importance of these groups and I think the students really enjoy them as well!

Technology/Off the Bench Lab Time

The technology lab provides additional practice and instruction in theory, ear training and composition and listening skills. A variety of computer software, i-pad apps, games and off the bench activities are available to enhance the musical learning experience.  Students stay 10-15 minutes after their private lesson time to complete their “off the bench” lab time.

Performance Opportunities

  • Fall Recital
  • Spring Recital
  • Informal performances at group classes
  • Community Outreach performances such as nursing homes, etc.
  • Foothills Music Teacher Association Sponsored Events including Achievement Day, Sonatina Festival and Winter Festival