Tuition and Fees for 2017-2018

Students are enrolled for the school year on a tuition basis starting August 21, 2017 and ending May 25, 2018. Tuition is based upon a 34-week teaching year plus 3 group classes. The total tuition is then divided into even amounts  spread over 9 months (Aug./Sept. are combined into one payment) allowing students to pay the same amount each month.  I have scheduled an extra week into the year as a “float week” that will be used in case I have an unscheduled happening, such as teacher sickness, jury duty, or other family event that causes me to unexpectedly cancel lessons.  If I do not need to use this extra “float week”, I will finish one week earlier in May.

Tuition is based on yearly enrollment, not weekly attendance, therefore credits or make-ups for missed lessons will not be given.  Please use the Swap List to avoid missing lessons. I will email or text a quick reminder that tuition is due as a courtesy.  Students starting mid-year will be charged on a prorated schedule based on the number of lessons left in the year.

What Does My Tuition  Include?

Your tuition includes your personal lesson time that is reserved only for you each week, a 10-15 minute lab time, plus 3 group classes per year.  It also includes the time I spend planning for your lesson and group classes, planning and presenting recitals including the recital hall fee, scheduling, researching, finding and creating new resources, and materials, continuing education, conference fees and expenses, professional dues, my time working at FMTA and CSMTA Events, and general studio business management and expenses.  It also includes my expenses to provide and maintain a large lending library, a computer lab, technology and software, i-pads and apps, maintenance of my piano and keyboard, and covers the costs of assignment sheets, practice incentives, and copying of miscellaneous handouts.

Music Book/Sheet Fee

Tuition does not include the cost of your personal music books or sheets that I purchase for your student.  I charge a fee at the beginning of the school year for music. This fee will be $25 per student per year. Then, instead of charging you each month for each book or sheet of music I purchase for your student, I will subtract the cost of your music out of the fee you have already paid me at the beginning of the year.  This way, your monthly tuition payment will always be exactly the same amount each month!  At the end of the year, before May tuition is due, I will let you know how much I spent on your child for music for the year, and will either credit your child’s May tuition if we have not used it all, or let you know if you owe any more for the books they have purchased. There will be no charge for music I lend out from my music library as long as it is returned to me in good condition. Tuition also does not include entrance fees for FMTA events and CSMTA events should you choose to participate in those.

Tuition Prices for 2017-2018: 

30 minute lessons —$100.00 a month  ($900 for studio year, August -May)

45 minute lessons— $130.00 a month  ($1,170 for studio year, August-May)

60 minute lessons— $175.00 a month  ($1,575 for studio year, August-May)

(August and September have been combined into one payment only so that there are 9 equal payments for the year, August through May)